Friday, February 12, 2010

If you knew me you would know...

"... There has always been something wrong wif the tesses. The tesses paint a picture of me an' my muver-my whole family, we more than dumb, we invisible. (PUSH, 31)"

In the story PUSH Precious talks about hating to take tests and hating to have files written about her by people who don't really know who she is. We agreed that people often judge us by things that have little to nothing to do with who we are as people and felt the need to tell yall a lil about ourselves.

I you knew me you would know...

If you ever knew me you would know how much I struggle ever day. Certain things in my life I cant handle emotional and sometimes it takes a physical toll. It got so bad one night at like 2 o’clock in the morning I cut off my hair, 3 inches off the side, 2 inches off the rest except for the middle. It’s very short to me now but I think I just needed a fresh start. It took a lot off of school its like I try to do well in school but when it comes down to home life it takes away from my focus. I wish people could see the pain I feel inside sometimes.

If u knew me you would know that I am 17 years old born April 8,1992 born on my mama birthday so you I am very spoiled if u didn’t know it already. love to party, go out have fun, chill wit my family and boyfriend, shopping, I am a very shy person but also a nice that people love to be around. But if u push me to the limit I can me the worst person you would wont to meet. Some people say that I have the worst attitude that I teen can have cause I don’t take nothing from nobody. If people let you run over them they would but I am not that type. You have to get respect to receive respect from me that’s how I feel. I wont my own business a clothing shop and beauty salon in the back named “Stlyez 2 Da Limit & Baquette”. But to get to that level I will need to finish high graduate go to college for business, get my business license. Then after that then work on my shop stuff like find a building the supplies and much more. That’s a little about me if you didn’t already know about me.

If you Knew me you would know that I am a person that is kind hearted and that like to express there self in ways to know that I am somebody and not to judge that somebody even if I am that somebody. Also I have feelings to, I mean I wouldn’t use them as excuses if you would really understand me and part were I come from I mean just give me a chance I mean I can prove to you I mean I don’t have to but I choose to I mean to show you I can actually achieve. To make you approve and make you think different to show you people can change I mean even you. To make you want to change your opinions to make your expressions and thoughts different. So if you know me I mean you would fall in love with me for me and not what I can do.

If you knew me you would know that I’m 18 years old. I was born October 20, 1991. I’m currently in high school and a senior getting ready to graduate. My personality is really bright and at sometimes I tend to be shy about things. I want to be a singer and song writer and produce my own music. I love to shop I buy shoes and clothes. I’m a very sensitive girl about some topics. I’m a real nice girl and am real determined to things in life to achieve my goal. Every time I write songs it’s when I feel some kind emotions. Like if I’m going through something that they I write a song about the type emotions I’m feeling. I love to satisfy others and their needs first before I can satisfy my own. I really need to work on that. I never like to be put on the spot by teachers or anybody else. I get embarrassed sometimes by that. I really want to pursue my singing and song writer career.

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