Tuesday, August 22, 2006

From: An Invitation to Alyxe (cause inside girls wanna see light too)

Trapped below worlds
Secreting truth into shallow breath
across rooms, too dark for shadow’s cast
Muted whispers suppressing eternal
Pretend obscuring existence
u were there from the start

I knew
I Saw
I Ignored
Each time u cried.

Shattered to numb.
u are helpless, homeless fragments
Unaccustomed to Ballerina dreams
Unaware that beauty exists in an essence called u

I knew
I Saw
I Ignored
Each time u cried

Wondering why I’m calling to u
Uncertain of what I want from u
Sure that I will devastate u
one more time… again
Hoping that I can’t read u
Fearing that I will abandon u
If I’ve seen them too, why did I not protect u.
Who kept me blind to destruction, and how could I let them hurt u

I know/knew
I see /saw
I embrace/ignored
Each time we cry

Crawl…walk… tip toe… run
Just come to me Alyxe, come

I know
I see
I embrace
Each time it's YOU

YOU are dancing into free with Josephine
Singing songs of sweet mama duke's kiss
Immersed in Darden womb space
YOU are ancestor loved into ME

For my Sistahs

Your strength inspires but you are not required
to carry us.
We know you through unspoken tears...

Cry mother cry, silent daughter, amber child…
You are worthy of our ears.
Suffering blinds your legacy.
Martyrdom speaks no gift to pride.
Torture breeds pain to resistance.
Persecution feeds anger to death.
Unveil these eyes, let us bathe in tears
In facts we find strength.
Through loneliness relate,
Cry, sister cry, you needn’t stand stout
You are worthy of our ears.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Re- Imagining

Every three minutes
Every five minutes
Every ten minutes
Every day or (collaged voices remix a world)
And (our fire breath is a mantra for the new day)

By: Them funky fresh and oh so fly….AR Sistas

Every day unconditional love
Three days ago mommy’s chicken soup
Every three min surprised by how the same love stays new
Every day ginger lemonade
30 yrs ago a black love like blow(ed) out afro
Today an altar with excess hope

30 yrs ago polyester pants afro puff standing up
On my cousins big wheel
Throwing mail getting spankings…good times
Today faith in my mother
2 wks ago mama’s first poem in 20 yrs
Later in the day I write because of you

Immediately there is cause for celebration
Every day ushering a girl child into wombynhood
Today my baby brother is 16
michaiah swallowed the pool
and survived bloated and beautiful

today free books
UNC embraced UBUNTU
every ten min Jurina comes home
every three min a ten minute orgasm

every five min laughter from the belly
every ten min a foot massage
every day a song to dance to
a poem to walk to

every five min an innocent giggle
every day free fresh fruit
every ten min falling in love
every five min I speak/ I listen
I shimmy

Every ten min we smile accidentally
Every three min Rachel sings
Every day we sing a song by michell
Every five min clean water for all
Everyday someone gives away a gift
that’s special to them
Talya speaks
Every ten min grandma whispers a secret

Every three min I grow hummingbird wings
Every ten min a phoenix rises
I share my heart
Every five min I hear my god children’s voices
A flirty laugh on the back of the neck

Every three min I retrieve my ancestors memory
A woman safe
Every ten min a woman screams with joy and hugs another woman
Every day a scalp massage from someone who loves you

Every day chamomile and deep breath
Every five min a walk in the rain
I get to cheer someone up
Every day lavender frankincense myrrh (I want that)
Bath salt

every three min brilliant blue stars and unhinged eyes
every ten min jurina’s special cream cheese
and spinach omelets
every three min just because I am
every day rock my baby to sleep

thirty yrs ago somebody had a great dream
Woken up by laughter
And it was me
thirty yrs ago I was swinging in trees
three days ago roller skating with my kids

every three min breathing with myself
every five minutes I would learn a lesson once and not
have to learn it again
whispered truths remind me of me

every day a warm place to lay my head
a home filled with love
a good heart
I get wiser

every five min I get wiser

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thank my GRANDFATHER is what you said
for the cotton that covers your spine
Trampling my ancestry
Negating every part of me
Or so you thought
I soar motha Fucka
I Rise
You cannot touch me
My soul reside beyond reach
Beyond what eyes see
You can never touch me
Me who loves even you
Despite all the evil you do
You cannot see me
I reside among Gods
I soar Motha Fucka
I rise
I soar
I rise
I rise
I rise

50 words or less

Woman, Black, Heterosexual, Incest-Survivor
Woman, Black, Incest-Survivor
Woman, Black, Survivor
Woman, Heterosexual

Sexual Woman
Black Woman
Survivor Woman

Sexual Survivor
Black Survivor
Woman Survivor


Black Woman Sexual Survivor
- lack, - -man,
- lack, Sex- - -

Survive Black
Survive Woman
Survive, Black, (51-Sexual), (52-Woman)

Never could follow directions...