Thursday, October 26, 2006

Untitled as of yet

Weighted sacrifice
I am seducing you through fears and abandonment
Playing hidden under-sleeve card hands in a delicately mastered game
Queen of Hearts
fatal drippings of slow medieval bloodlettings,
We are dead long before the lacerations reveal
an absence of poison we were sure created unworthy
Lifeless our pain lines streets indisputably free the disease of contempt
We are forfeit
Bearing souls while holding familiar infliction
Clenching just enough
Enough self-induced disdain for the “unprincipled” opportunist
We are blurred by benefit
drunk with sour tasting submission.

I mean what else can you do… but pity me with love?

And the tiny voice whispers


Dance between flames unconditional
Where hints of light show brown flickers in your eyes
In your eyes…
Where I see all of me
Us eternally twined balancing laughter to tear


Enter pathways laced in warm
Where sweet chocolate fudge melts in truth teller palates wet with anticipation…speaking forgiveness
And we play...
Fusing intricate our puzzles
and like childhood connect the dots, glide pencils easy along a page
1…2 to 3…4 to 5…
an exquisite butterfly breathing life into blank space
We are convolute
Shedding super-shero’s capes soaked red in oppressor blood
Healing through naked creation

We be FREE now
We be new

And the tiny voice whispers
In safe… In home