Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'mma Heal ME

And you think you know ME… cause you saw a girl like ME… in a book by an anti-ME, who sniffed MY shit when he was in school.
Don’t get it twisted…
Anthropology don’t mean you know ME
My badd to the anthropology degree

And you think you can heal ME… cause you know the man who killed ME, riddled MY life with “what if “ hypothesis.
His DNA charging you with scrutiny, you performed your duties well…
Serving up invisibility… you smother ME in flowery blankets of muli-cultural
Selling pre-fabricated images in Ninth Street shops
Sowing hollow seed to deplete mal-nourished souls
You spread mad cow diseased shit over ME and kill fertile soil… tip-toeing between ME and MY self

You don’t know nuthin bout ME
And My SIRvival names your destiny

And when dawn breaks I am Sun kissed Sankofa
Snug hugged, sista loved
Head nestled in a napped neck bathed in hints of Peacefire oil.
I’m plotting revolution with six forks in a five dollar piece of sweet cream pie,
and meeting Audre through Lex
as Zach pumps Sweet Honey through my veins
I am strong now
I am fed
Nourished through poets writers and song
Booty windin Hips grindin to Lauryn cause
Hell yeah “ You just lost one”
And Aiden and ME…
We pick steel door dead bolt locks for Patty Sue
Cause we know
Freedom Looks like squirrels mating on rooftops,
and mama birds nesting in second story dryer ducts
Creating home despite your destruction.
Outside the big box, where Ubuntu grows.
I got ME
So if you think you know ME cause you saw a girl like ME in a book
Think again

Monday, November 13, 2006

And to be clear...

And to be clear…
I love… need… cherish… respect and honor
And without doubt…I have always wanted you
I mean
How else can WE exist

And to be clear…
And my Love…Oh my Love
There is no image without US… tied
No point of begin or end…
Black love Sweat dripped… glistening sweet
Melodic moans, rhythmic heartbeats mimicing djembe drums
This Here
This is WE
Floating space across time
As Angela croons in the background
“Tonight I gave in to the feeling…”
As WE love the way WE know

But to be clear…
This weight on my shoulders don’t make me strong
And marrow depletion shrinks me to osteoporosis… Bones crack from gentle wind

This story can’t be told through muted truth
When I turn to see it’s you blowing breeze to my nothing
Forcing me back to that place with no voice, no words, no space to love WE… again
And if HIStory is told without her
I will never be whole
So why you ain’t got my back
And if HIStory is told without her
Our daughters will continually be raped

So to be clear…
WE need you king
I mean
How else can WE heal but
Side by
Side by
Side by
Side …

Sunday, November 12, 2006

R.I.P. Talya Butterfly

Conceived in broken
found US in womb silent space
Giving birth to free...

Our Babies have so much to say

When Tierra Speaks...

Black like the dark and lonely night.
Movement Heavy like heart beating keeping it tight.
Ferocious like a tiger. I take what’s mine.
Brown like golden sugar yeah it’s one of a kind.
Dancing like hip hop I’m nice and trendy
Compare myself to a porche so sweet and independent
Tease me like I’m just a wolf in the night
Like a drum you beatin me down caus I want to see my name in lights.
Brown skin and Beautiful That’s who I seem to be
Shivering, shake tryin to figure out where life might take me.
Walkin with pride cause I know I got heart.
L.A. Got dreams ain’t no tearing them apart.

When April Speaks...

Red like Blood dripping from a thug
I can sing like Whitney Houston but
I can’t rap like bobby
I’m beautiful like a butterfly
Hot wings is the best
I plan to be a lawyer because I can argue you down like a dog
I drive a Porche cause a Porche is for the Black and Beautiful
I like to hear a drum cause the beat drives me wild.
My eyes are brown like a pretty puppy
My hair is Black like the darkness in the woods
My skin is sexy chocolate like the Mrs. Goodbar
I fear a snake but it resembles my shape
I walk with the world on my shoulders
My people call me “Lil Bit” but I stand tall and brush the dirt off my shoulders