Thursday, January 07, 2010

PUSH reviews Pgs 1-40

We've begun reading PUSH here are our first thoughts...

"...It's crazy that she had to go through that at 7 years old in the 2nd grade. I imagine my niece at 7 years old being treated that way and the way I would react to something like that, and I'm only her aunt. I imagine my mother undergoing something like that with me and knowing that the possible outcome would definitely not just be "ok."She would do anything in her power to keep that from happening to me and I would do everything in my will to make sure noone ever hurts my niece."

"...I think that Precious went through HELL!!! She didn't deserve to be treated that way growing up. That as sick the way her father did her growing up. Her mother didn't make it no better. Where's da rest of da family?!!... It hurts me that someone in this world goes through something soooo painful. And many people probably went through worse. THis world is all F'ed up!!... Where is the peace??... Happiness??..
I really feel for Precious!!"

"... I mean about the book... of everything that had happened in the back of her mind which has her thinking that she is a failure. I feel that if anyone really wanted to love her she wouldn't let them get close to her and its sad. People believe that the hurt mostly comes from her mother I feel even though that happened with her father she really needed her mother to play part so she could at least get over the feelings, so she could go on.

"... I think the story is very depressing. It makes me really mad how Precious' real dad f'ed her! I don't even have the expression to say how I feel. And her mother is so wrong for not doing anything and especially when she knows that Precious is pregnant again by him. Precious' situation is hard to go through, and if I was able to help, I would."

"...What I think of the whole situation is that its wrong what she have to go through. I feel bad for her cause it ain't nobody to help her. But she can tell people the way how she feels."

"... Precious is a very strong girl to be her age and have gone through all that stuff and haven't already did to herself. Young girls her age that go through things like that go through depression and commit suicide, but she never did anything to hurt herself because of the lack of love she receives from her mother and father, even the students in school. She is already a strong little girl."

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