Sunday, November 12, 2006

Our Babies have so much to say

When Tierra Speaks...

Black like the dark and lonely night.
Movement Heavy like heart beating keeping it tight.
Ferocious like a tiger. I take what’s mine.
Brown like golden sugar yeah it’s one of a kind.
Dancing like hip hop I’m nice and trendy
Compare myself to a porche so sweet and independent
Tease me like I’m just a wolf in the night
Like a drum you beatin me down caus I want to see my name in lights.
Brown skin and Beautiful That’s who I seem to be
Shivering, shake tryin to figure out where life might take me.
Walkin with pride cause I know I got heart.
L.A. Got dreams ain’t no tearing them apart.

When April Speaks...

Red like Blood dripping from a thug
I can sing like Whitney Houston but
I can’t rap like bobby
I’m beautiful like a butterfly
Hot wings is the best
I plan to be a lawyer because I can argue you down like a dog
I drive a Porche cause a Porche is for the Black and Beautiful
I like to hear a drum cause the beat drives me wild.
My eyes are brown like a pretty puppy
My hair is Black like the darkness in the woods
My skin is sexy chocolate like the Mrs. Goodbar
I fear a snake but it resembles my shape
I walk with the world on my shoulders
My people call me “Lil Bit” but I stand tall and brush the dirt off my shoulders

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