Monday, November 13, 2006

And to be clear...

And to be clear…
I love… need… cherish… respect and honor
And without doubt…I have always wanted you
I mean
How else can WE exist

And to be clear…
And my Love…Oh my Love
There is no image without US… tied
No point of begin or end…
Black love Sweat dripped… glistening sweet
Melodic moans, rhythmic heartbeats mimicing djembe drums
This Here
This is WE
Floating space across time
As Angela croons in the background
“Tonight I gave in to the feeling…”
As WE love the way WE know

But to be clear…
This weight on my shoulders don’t make me strong
And marrow depletion shrinks me to osteoporosis… Bones crack from gentle wind

This story can’t be told through muted truth
When I turn to see it’s you blowing breeze to my nothing
Forcing me back to that place with no voice, no words, no space to love WE… again
And if HIStory is told without her
I will never be whole
So why you ain’t got my back
And if HIStory is told without her
Our daughters will continually be raped

So to be clear…
WE need you king
I mean
How else can WE heal but
Side by
Side by
Side by
Side …

1 comment:

Rain e Day said...

"If HIStory is told without HER I will never be whole..."

That's real for me Aunty. I live that fight now. How dare they brush by the women with a mere smirk for their contributions? We were a matriarch driven society FIRST! Till this day...Kofi (the man of Ghana)is his Mother's child. His last name doesn't come from his father.

So in essence, power was stolen from we women by "those in the absence of something", it was then studied, and used to degrade our Kings, thus changing the truth... to a HIStory filled with the fight to control and feminine energy thru males. How can that NOT reek distruction in the worst of ways? Also known as TODAY. Look at the enviroment I put myself in? There are no HUSBANDS in the Music industry. 80 percent of them are down-low brothas. The power coursing through this system is that which belongs to women who have been (to a large degree) smothered out by muscle strength....

Just some thoughts. I felt this. As I do feel EVERYTHING nowadays. :)

Rain e Day