Monday, September 18, 2006

When Tal Tal speaks...

From Jobee,
Let’s put no thought into it.
Forget what you know and what makes sense for a minute.
Just Hush.
Let the silence set in.
Quiet all the knowledge ‘cause too much fogs the vision.
Too many facts shatter the dreams and I need y’all to believe.
To Believe
In possibilities
And know that I am Here.
I am Here.
Flowing through the veins of the roses
So pure
Like the water
You can see me if you focus.
I am Here.
Bending the petals of the lotus
And you’d know this if you’re open
You can feel my breath through wind.
I’ve been given opportunity to use the elements
To Comfort and to Soothe
So, that is what I do.
I rain
So gently on the strength of your manes
I Rise in the morning and Rest in the shade.
I whisper through the grass.
It’s my favorite place to play.
I call to you a song in the sound of ocean waves.
My body lay
Embedded in the pillows of your hearts.
My spirit hasn’t got a set home.
I roam where I’m needed and
I need you to Believe this.
To see it’s not over
Just yet.
Hush now.
I am stronger now than then.
So, don’t miss me in your pain.
I’d Never Want For You To Suffer.
Not to struggle.
Don’t be so quick to mumble sorrow.
You mute my purpose with your cries.
Dry eyes
In the paradise I’ve left
Of memories.
Wet eyes
From the laughter in joy you receive from me.
Thank You
For singing, For praying,
For laying out a bed of soft thoughts.
I Love You
So don’t build a wall between us
Don’t send me too far from love
And don’t place me in some place you’ve never seen or heard of
Create a space for me in the playgrounds of your minds
So I can swing High up
For my feet to touch the trees!
Hush now.
Put all your thoughts aside.
I need you to believe that I can and I DO

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