Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To Breathe You

“Thank you Talya for surviving
For as long as you could girl you kept on smiling
Thank you for opening your eyes when
I know that you were tired
Darling you inspire me…”

Visited me near Shackleford
Mamasita serenade whispered through saltwater sands
And florescent winged silence whisked along ocean Breeze

And I inhaled Orange Chakra… to breathe you

I inhaled Orange Chakra…to breathe you
through Unfed placenta’s crack belly wombs
Can you Name me who chose you
Which ancestor flowed
Cause “Failure to thrive” survives naysayer’s taunts... if you got a job to do
And a 3lb 3 oz fireball burns, if you try to smother her light.

And green Butterflies still sing you
And Josephine’s spirit celebrates you
And I inhale Orange Chakras to breathe you
As you breathe me through night…

Breathing “Hush now I am here”
Where haunting man-raped dreams reside
Breathing Hush now and you’ll hear Black butterfly song

And the radio danced you through clouds with Aunt Mauti
Past boundaries of meaningless death
Cause struggle names you life
And you survive in sweet dreams of forgiveness

And I inhale Orange Chacra to breathe you
And I inhale Orange Chakra to you

You are number one
number one Talya…”

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