Friday, January 19, 2007

A note of Thanks

Thank you all for participating in this incredible three day release of healing energy. The outpouring of love and support is evidence of the extrordinary beauty WE possess. I (Mama Nan a.ka. Nia) am hoping that you will continue releasing this powerful energy every morning with a moment of Asha, to the universal call for love and and healing and with intentional smiles, greetings and real listening... to yourselves and one another. It is our time, if we grasp it!!! As a continued promotion of this healing spirit, I am choosing to fruit, vegetable and herbal tea detox every Tuesdays (the least valued day in the capitalistic world), knowing that to win this battle we must become whole. Knowing that WE are neither silence nor sacrifice. WE are celebration. Asha
Please Join Me.

1 comment:

Gregory said...

If your goal is racist in nature, in this case the framing of three innocent boys based upon their skin color, then what does that make you?

P.S. A three day fast in which you are allowed to eat food is not a fast, it is called a diet.